September 28 - 30, 2015

- Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs, Palm Springs, CA

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GSPANN is a California Bay Area based organization who partners with organizations to ensure their success in their Analytics initiatives. We live and breathe Data… Big Data. We can help you with building out your analytics strategy and a roadmap that delivers. Our experts have helped Fortune 1000 retailers in unlocking the value of their data. Our keen retail domain expertise uniquely positions us to help organizations leverage their information and help them maximize its potential for the OmniChannel and Global world. In a flat world, the right analytics can provide the acceleration and sustain the momentum.



Simulmedia, Inc., ( a New York based marketing technology company founded in 2009, is the leader in driving guaranteed business outcomes for advertisers through traditional TV marketing. Simulmedia’s VAMOS platform is powered by the world’s largest database of information on what people watch and buy, combined with access to TV inventory that reaches 95% of U.S. TV households. Using its proprietary science and software, Simulmedia reaches specifically-defined audience segments on TV at massive scale, matches consumer purchase data to TV viewing data, and determines the actual sales impact of the advertiser’s TV campaign. The results Simulmedia delivers are guaranteed.

Tiger Analytics


Tiger Analytics is a boutique consulting firm that provides services  in the space of Advanced Analytics. We strive to create measurable  business value through applying innovative analytical approaches to  business problems. We specialize in Forecasting, Pricing, Retail  Analytics, Social Media, Marketing and E-Commerce Analytics. For more  information visit



CoolaData goes beyond BI by packaging with it the entire cloud based analytic infrastructure.  This includes access and integration of all event sources and a data warehouse thus creating the first cost-effective solution for midsize businesses or departmental enterprises to understand their customers behavior today and into the future.

CoolaData replaces a wide spectrum of analytics and BI tools while tracking, collecting, enriching, storing and analyzing billions of daily data events without the need for a data warehouse in your premises. In addition to that our sessionization is automatic, giving you the power to analyze behavior on a granular level.



Service levels and efficiency are optimized by leveraging best practices and integrating manual and disjointed processes – a simple, yet powerful and well-established strategic concept.
Replacing manual and disjointed processes through shared services pays off quickly, saving between 20-60%.
SAP has introduced our Shared Services framework globally over the past 10 years.
Servicing an employee base of 15,000 and revenues of €3bn, our Asia Pacific & Japan Shared Services Center has been honoured with awards and recognition by International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC) and Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) between 2005 – 2009.
Recently, we’ve continued our Shared Services transformation journey with leading analytic and mobility projects to streamline the productivity of the Finance function by implementing planning, forecasting and strategy tools, and SAP HANA to aid in profitability analysis.
To find out how SAP can help, and has implemented our own Shared Services framework – call us on 1800 287 727

Speedeon Data


Speedeon Data enables leading retailers to achieve direct marketing success in a data-driven world by driving actionable insight, timely and impactful communications, and measurable results. We combine a solutions-focused approach with proven expertise in data analytics, data processing, and direct marketing. Speedeon Data partners with leading digital, mobile and offline data providers, in order to provide clients access to most accurate and comprehensive contact data, behavioral data, mover and other life stage data, and demographic and other lifestyle data. Speedeon Data delivers the highest quality marketing data, through innovative data solutions, which include: Data Modeling and Analytics, Mover Marketing Programs, Data Append Services, including Reverse Phone and Email Append, Data Optimization and Advanced Hygiene Solutions. Our comprehensive data sources and advanced data technologies facilitate multi-channel marketing across direct mail, email, mobile advertising, point-of-sale, telemarketing, and other direct marketing channels.



Ascribe is a leading software and service provider in the Customer Experience Management space.  Its Saas-based offering, Ascribe Intelligence, helps companies better analyze customer and employee feedback, by offering a unique hybrid technology approach combining natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and semi-automated coding tools.  

Founded in 1999, Ascribe now has customers in 57 countries. Hundreds of millions of verbatim comments are processed through the Ascribe system each year.  Ascribe’s customers are found in the Fortune 1000 companies and all of the world’s largest market research firms. In short, for its more than 10,000 users across the globe, Ascribe is literally turning words to wisdom.